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Join Become A Sports Agent is a comprehensive online Sports Agent Course teaching individuals how to launch their own Sports Agent Career. Our easy to follow course is designed for aspiring sports agents from All Backgrounds and provides a complete overview of the entire sports agent industry. There are no prerequisite classes or certifications required and you can take our course at your own speed with no pressure or deadlines from the luxury of your own home or office.

Who Should Join Our Course?

Aspiring sports agents from all walks of life that enjoy networking, pay attention to detail, and have a passion for sports. There are no prerequisites to take our online course.

What is Covered in Our Course?

  • Sports Agent Certification
  • Sports Agent Registration
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Player-Agent Contracts
  • Player-Team Contracts
  • Competing for Clients
  • ...And much more!

See our Course Outline for a complete list of topics covered.

Career Satisfaction

Like in all careers, becoming a successful sports agent takes some good old fashioned hard work. However, being a sports agent can be one of the most exciting and rewarding careers to have. The relationships you build and the skills you develop and share with others make this one of the most personally gratifying careers in the world today. If you enjoy networking with great people, pay attention to detail, and are passionate about sports, a career as a sports agent is waiting for you.


Our web site is not just a one-time instructional course that ends when you complete it, it is an ongoing resource that is readily available to you. Right now, we are offering an Unlimited Use License to our online sports agent course. This means that you can continue to check back with our website for new and updated materials even after you have completed our course.

Our comprehensive online sports agent course that is constantly changing and evolving with the sports agent industry. As changes occur within sports leagues and the sports agent industry, our course is updated year round to provide you with the most up to date information available.

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