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Sports Agent Course Outline

Our online sports agent course takes a comprehensive look at the whole sports agent industry. You can take our online course at your own speed with no pressure and no deadlines and from the convenience of your own home or office.

We update our course year round with new and updated material as changes occur within the sports agent industry. Take advantage of our Lifetime Membership and continue to check back with us for updates even after you have completed our course.

Here is a list of topics included in our course:

Course Topics

  • History of Sports Agents
    • Industry and Income Growth
    • Industry Consolidation
  • Who Can Become a Sports Agent
    • Education/Experience Requirements
    • Financial Requirements
  • Sports Agent Certification
    • Registering with Players' Unions
    • Registering with your State
  • Sports Agent Career
    • Breaking in to the Industry
    • Attorney Agents
    • Non-Attorney Agents
  • Competing for Athletes
    • Unethical Behavior
    • Reaching Athletes
  • Contacting Student Athletes
    • Methods of Communication
    • Registering with Schools
  • Conflict of Interests
    • Representing Teams and Owners
    • Representing Sponsorship Companies
  • Sports Agent Salary
    • Percentage and Hourly Fees
    • Sources of Income
  • Attorney's vs. Agents
    • Which is Better?
    • Advantages/Disadvantages of Each
  • Negotiating a Sports Contract
    • Gathering Information
    • Identifying Your Clients' Needs

Additional Resources

  • Sample Sports Contracts
  • Player-Agent Contracts
  • Player-Team Contracts
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • List of Top Sports Agents
  • Numbers of Sports Agents and Players
  • Listing of Sports Management Programs
  • Listing of Sports Law Programs


Become A Sports Agent



That is correct. When you join our sports agent course, you receive an Unlimited Use License! With this individual license, you can come back and visit us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even after you complete our course. We continue to update our course year round as the sports agent industry continues to grow and change and we encourage all of our members to revisit us and review our updated material and news.



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