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Sample Sports Contracts

Sports contracts can be very intimidating the first time you see them. Our online sports agent course includes an in-depth library of sports contracts with downloadable sample sports contracts from all of the major sports.

Our sample sports contracts library contains Real-Life Examples of Up-to-Date athlete sports contracts Currently in Use throughout the sports industry. Our online sports agent course includes examples of each of the following:

  • Player-Agent Contracts
  • Player-Team Contracts
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Sports Agent Certification applications
  • Sports Agent Registration applications
  • ...And more.

For example, some key items you will see in a Player-Agent Contract include:

  • The specific services will the agent be providing.
  • The fee the agent will charge and how this is to be paid.
  • The expiration date of the agreement.
  • Who pays for expenses incurred by the agent or player.
  • The rights of termination by either party.

You will be a step ahead of the game when you review these professional sports contracts in our online course and become familiar with the common terms, conditions and special incentive clauses included in these agreements.

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