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Sports agent must follow a sports agent certification process in order to represent professional athletes with the four major sports leagues MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL. Once a sports agent is certified, they must also follow a set of rules and regulations for their respective sport in order to maintain their sports agent certification. Sports agents have one of the most exciting and profitable careers in the world today.

Sports agent certification can sound a little intimidating, but the process of becoming a certified sports agent is not as difficult as many people think. As we mentioned above, you must be a certified sports agent in order to represent athletes from the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL. The sports agent certification process is different for each one of these leagues. For example, you must pass a written exam in order to become a certified NFL sports agent. While in baseball, you must have a client on a 40 man roster first before you can become certified.

Our online sports agent course covers these sports agent certification topics:

  • Sports agent certification with the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL
  • Maintaining your sports agent certification
  • Players' Union Requirements
  • Sports Agents Rules and Regulations
  • Registration with your state

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