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Jump start your new sports agent career with our online sports agent course that can be taken at your own pace with no pressure and no deadlines.

What Does A Sports Agent Career Include?

Your sports agent career is completely customizable. You can focus solely on player contract negotiations or you can get involved with a wide variety of activities. Successful sports agent careers typically include these type of activities:

  • Marketing - Market your clients for product endorsement opportunities, personal appearances and charitable events.
  • Networking - Network with athletes, sports executives, professionals and other sports agents.
  • Promotion - Promote your clients to teams & organizations to find the best fit and the best opportunities for your client.
  • Trends - Stay in tune with contract negotiation, salary and player signing trends in your sport.
  • Salaries - Keep up to date with current salaries for different player positions, coaches and sports executives.
  • Services - Partner with other professionals & continue to add services to offer to your clients such as investment and legal services.

How Do I Start My Sports Agent Career?

If you enjoy the type of activities listed above, you could build a very fulfilling and rewarding sports agent career and we can help you get started. Starting a sports agent career is not nearly as complicated as many people think. Whether you want to start your own independent sports agent career or land a job with an existing sports agency, our online sports agent course gives you everything you need to get started.

All it takes is just one client to make your sports agent career take off and for you to become known throughout the industry! Our online sports agent course includes everything you need to know to start your very own sports agent career. If you are professional, enjoy networking, and are passionate about sports, start building your new and exciting sports agent career today!

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